How to Know You Have a Dangerous Tree?

Dangerous Tree Removal Guidelines

How to Check Your Trees Properly

No one will know your trees better than you, so after they start to sprout leaves in the spring, or after a severe storm, take a walk around them to see if they are intact.

Inspect every side of your tree, up close and from a distance. Also, see if there are any cuts in the bark or peeling. Should you have a particularly large tree use a set of binoculars to inspect the trees crown for any dead or damaged limbs.

Most trees never grow straight, so some lean will be expected, however, when your tree starts to resemble the Tower of Pisa then you have a problem. This is when you will need to bring in a professional dangerous tree removal service for advice and help.

Tree maintenance work, in general, is hazardous, but dangerous tree removal is especially hard to handle if you don’t have the expertise, training, and equipment for such a job. Successfully felling a tree requires appropriate techniques and equipment which we, at DV Tree Service, have. We know how to properly remove and dispose of the fallen tree without damaging your existing landscape. So, if you have a tree that requires removal in a timely manner, call our specialist!

So if you think you may have a tree which is potentially dangerous, call DV Tree Service at (561) 236-8765 today. We are in West Palm Beach, FL.