Safety Always Comes First

Reasons for Tree Removal

A tree has many things to offer the landscape of your home garden. It offers shade during the hot summer months. It’s such a presence in your yard that you probably cannot imagine what your space with look like if it is removed. Sometimes a tree is damaged by a storm and is no longer viable, and you need to have a tree removal service done. Below are some of the most common reasons a tree may be removed from your property.

A dead tree – When a tree is dead, it doesn’t serve a purpose. It just becomes a safety hazard that is taking up space in the yard.

A risk for property damage – If the tree is dead and can no longer be saved, it might fall over and cause damage to your house or other nearby property. To remove the hazard, tree contractors have to be called in. They will put in place all the necessary precautions so that the tree is removed without causing harm or damage.

Blocking property – For overlooking properties, sometimes a tree gets in the way of the view of the landscape. When a tree is blocking other plants or creating too much shade that it inhibits the growth of other plants on the property, it may need to be removed. Sometimes a tree can grow too close to the driveway and cause a safety hazard.

Signs of internal damage – When the tree is too diseased or shows signs of internal rot, it needs to be pulled off the property. When it can no longer be treated by the arborists, it should just be removed. Leaving it on the property will place the other plants at risk of being contaminated with the same disease or fungus that it on the tree.

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