Have a Major Problem with a Damaged Tree?

What Are the Different Ways a Tree Service Removes a Tree?

While the traditional method of removing a tree is using a chainsaw, there are however, several different variations of this process. Many mature trees need a bucket truck in order to be safely removed them – this works by raising a tree service worker into the air next to the tree; they will then proceed to remove the tree in pieces. This eliminates the chances of any full size tree dropping onto roads or buildings. Another method involves climbing a tree and cutting off limbs whilst still in the tree.

Usually, when crews arrive to remove a tree, they find the tree is towering across a building or road. This will create a big problem as it will not be possible to drop the limbs without causing damage. The best method in these circumstances is lowering the cut limbs to the floor using a rope. By tying a rope around a limb, you can cut it and guide it to the floor.

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