How to Prune a Tree Properly

Effective Tree Trimming Tips

Tree trimming is strongly recommended during the dormant season of your trees. In this blog, we will advise you how to prune them properly.

Firstly, you have to have the appropriate tools and safety gear. Buy nice and sharp pruning scissors, and gloves. You can begin removing all branches that cross other branches or run against them. Also, you can cut those that block important views or signs. Do not forget to remove heavy tree limbs that go directly above your home’s roof, fence, etc. Bare in mind that they can damage your property during the next storm. When cutting them, always look at the branch collar that grows from the stem. You should perform the cuts outside the branch bark ridge. Be careful not to injure the branch collar.

As you can see, tree pruning seems like a simple task but the truth is that it requires skills and knowledge. DV Tree Service is the right company for your needs. If you reside in West Palm Beach, FL, you can speak with us at (561) 236-8765.