Tree Trimming

How tree trimming can help combat anthracite

Sycamores are lovely additions to any garden. They are beautiful trees that provide excellent shade and elegance to the landscape. Yet, there are times when the topiary may come into contact with an unpleasant fungal infection known as anthracite. Listed below are ways in which tree trimming helps to combat this affliction.

Improves circulation

Pruning helps to prevent your topiary from becoming infected in the first place. This is done by improving the circulation of air between the remaining branches. This, in turn, reduces the time leaves remain wet and susceptible to infection.

It removes the sickly branches

Another way in which pruning helps is that it removes the affected parts of the tree. This, in turn, reduces the areas affected by the fungus. To further prevent the spreading of the affliction disinfect the pruning shears using a 10% bleach solution between cuts.

Anthracite is an unpleasant often non-lethal fungal infection. It is often caused by moisture on the leaves. It can be prevented and reduced by having the plant pruned by an expert. To ensure the best results, contact a professional tree trimming company such as DV Tree Service in West Palm Beach, FL.